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We have had some amazing events this past year.  We had our first same sex wedding in May 2012 with Cesar & Bruce and have had 7 since then.  We performed for Fashion Week, Grace Ormond, Museum of Modern Art & the US Open. Our own DJ Ted Ganung rocked a gorgeous same sex wedding featured in NY Spring/Summer 2013 Weddings. We brought the new year in at Cafe Noir, traveled again to St. Barts for a gorgeous French Caribbean wedding and we are featured in the new Steven Schneider thriller "January" coming to a theater near you.....check our blog for more info.   xoxox  

What's new......

Cesar & Bruce   

Our first same sex wedding was an incredible experience on all levels.   A 16 piece chamber orchestra with choir for the entrance of  Cesar.  His dog Idina was his matron of honor.  We altered the words of the Halleluhah Chorus per Cesar's request and said "Yes" to to his vision when other's said no.  We love the challenge of thinking outside of the box, creating a completely personal experience for our clients.

I was super excited that executive producer Jessica Malik & Sony (London) A&R Sam Mumford requested that I perform the Chopin Nocturne in F minor for the new Feature Thriller "January" in conjunction with FACE Films.  

Excutive producer, Steven Schneider​ has his finger on the pulse of the horror genre as the producer of the “Paranormal Activity” franchise, “The Devil Inside” and “Insidious” (as well as the ill-fated network show "The River")

I am a real scaredy-cat, so it's good I didn't have to watch the film as we recorded.  We will keep you posted on the release date.   ox Pilley

"January" the film

We were super honored to perform for Irina Shabayeva's couture bridal collection for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 

Fashion Week 

bringing artistry to events

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