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Kyrie is a hybrid of classical music, pop & southern rock.  There are 11 pieces, 7 covers and 4 originals. The title track kyrie is an original composition and the Greek word for "lord". It appears in countless sacred works ranging from Bach, Beethoven & Mozart, all the way to contemporary composers. We have been fortunate to play in some of the largest and most renown cathedrals, churches and synagogues in the world, being inspired by all things heavenly and ethereal.

The repertoire on "kyrie"  has grown organically out of unusual requests from our clients, many of whom have granted us creative license to push the envelope for chamber music in private settings. However, the most courageous and greatest collaborative influence has been Jung Lee at Fête in NYC. ( She is flawlessly fearless in her design and vision and has allowed us to take great creative leaps whether they were on a beach in St. Barts, a garden in New Orleans, or the alter of St. Bartholomew's Church. Her support has been formidable in developing our signature sound. A romantic mixture of fairydust & drama.

My husband & partner in crime Jay Bianchi produced & co-arranged this work. Sometimes wrangling 5 estrogen driven musicians was like herding cats, so we love and thank you Jay!

We hope that you enjoy.

xox Pill

Liner notes:

Pilley Bianchi - Piano/Vocal
Jay Bianchi - Producer/Arranger
Ariana Rosen - Violin
Kate Mollica - Violin
Hannah Hens-Piazza - Viola
Lauren Riley-Rigby - Cello
Tony Lauria - Accordion
Christiana Liberis - additional violin


Kyrie - written by Pilley Bianchi
Boys of Summer - written by Don Henley & Mike Campbell
I feel Like Someone Else - written by Pilley Bianchi & Maria Gentile
Hallelujah - written by Leonard Cohen
Pretty Good Year - written by Tori Amos
Not Gonna Think - written by Pilley Bianchi
Iris - written by Johnny Rzeznick (GooGoo Dolls)
Can't You See - written by Toy Caldwell (Marshall Tucker Band)
Lipstick & Cream - written by Pilley Bianchi & Nancy Magarill
On Golden Pond - written by Dave Grusin
Moonlight Sonata - written by Beethoven, arranged by Pilley Bianchi

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