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Bianchi Musica

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2017 Season

February 4th:  Del Posto NYC, Violin duo

March 4th:  Paramount Country Club, Corporate event with Amanda Freitag, String Quartet

March 18th:  The Pine Hollow Country Club, String quartet, piano & vocalist

April 19th:  One World Observatory, String Quartet

April 22nd:  The Pierre Hotel, String Quartet & Piano

April 29th:  Private Event, South Hampton, String Quartet & Piano

May 6th:  Private Event NYC, String Quartet

June 4th:  Del Posto, String Quartet

June 6th:  Sky NYC, String Quartet

June 10th:  Blue Hill at Stone Barns with Fete. String Quartet & Piano

June 15th:  The Harvard Club with Warren Buffett, String Quartet

July 5th: Private event Sky NYC

July 9th:  Private Event South Hampton, String Quartet & Piano

August 11th:  Blue Hill at Stone Barns, String Quartet

September 9th: Orama Restaurant, String Quartet

September 12: Rockefeller Center, Piano, (2) violins

September 13th: Rockefeller Center, Piano, Bass, Guitar

September 14th: Rockefeller Center, Piano, Violin, Guitar

September 15th: One World Observatory, String Quartet

September 16th: Same Sex Wedding - Old Brookville, L.I., String Quartet

September 16th: Pelham Bay & Split Rock Gold Course, String Quartet

September 30th: Bernardsville NJ with My Bellisima, String Quartet & Harp

October 10th: New York Public Library, String Quartet & Piano

October 13th: Studio 450, String Quartet

October 14th; New York Historical Society, String Quartet

October 19th: American Museum of Natural History, Piano & String Quartet

October 21st: The Bowery Hotel, String Quartet

October 22nd: Wish Upon A Wedding with Leslie Mastin Events, The Eventi Hotel, String Quartet

November 2nd: Jazz Trio, One World Oberservatory

November 11th, Piano & String Quartet, The Pleasantdale Chateau

November 12th: String Quartet, Gramercy Park Hotel

November 13th, String Quartet, Del Posto

2016 Season

December 31st:  The Liberty House with Total Entertainment.

December 17th:  The Pierre Hotel with Element Music.  11 piece Chamber Orchestra 


December 12th: JP Morgan Holiday Party with Tommy Hilfiger , Piano.


November 15th:  American Museum of Natural History, String Quartet

November 14th:  One World Trade, String Quartet

November 13th:  Oheka Castle, 11 piece Chamber Orchestra with Element Music

November 9th:  One World Trade, String Quartet

November 2nd:  620 Loft & Garden, Jazz Trio with JG Events

October 29th:  Our lady of Lebanon Maronite Church.  String Quartet

Ocotber 20th:  Temple Emanu-el.  String Quartet

October 15th:  Skylark Lounge.  String Quartet & Vocal with Shiraz

September 25th:  Temple Emanu-el.  String Quartet with Element Music

September 24th:  Gaustavino's, Piano, guitar & string trio with Total Entertainment

September 10th:  Private Residence, Chamber Orchestra with Element Music

September 10th:  Church of the Resurrection, String quartet

September 9th:  Wolffer Vineyards, String Quartet

August 30th:  Sky NYC, Piano & String quartet

August 23rd:  Sky NYC, Piano & String quartet

August 20th:  The Palace, String Quartet with element Music

August 16th:  Sky NYC, Piano & String quartet

August 9th:  Sky NYC


August 6th:  Blue Hill Stone Barns.  Piano, string quartet & accordion with Fete

August 5th:  Gramercy Park Hotel, Guitar

August 2nd:  Sky NYC, String quartet

July 30th: Mamaroneck Yacht Club, String quartet 

July 26th:  Sky NYC.  String quartet

July 16th:  Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, String Quartet, Piano & Percussion

July 12th:  Private Event for Total Entertainment

June 18th:  Cipriani 42nd Street.  Piano, String Quartet, Bass & Gospel Choir with Element Music

June 11th:  Raphael Vineyard, Piano, violin & cello

June 4th:  Pioneer Works with Element Music

May 31st:  Cipriani 42nd Street, String Quartet, Guitar  & Piano with Element Music

May 14th:  Private Residence: Piano, String Quartet & Percussion with Total Entertainment

May 14th:  Private Garden Party: String Quartet with Candela Productions

May 9th:  Central Park Dedication, String Quartet, Accordion, Guitar

May 5th:  Brooklyn Botanic Garden:  String Quartet & Harp

May 4th:  Sky NYC:  String Quartet

April 29th:  The Grandview, Poughkeepsie NY:  Guitar & Violin

April 15th:  St. Aidan's Catholic Churc:  Piano & String Quartet

April 16th: The Mandarin Oriental:  Piano, String Quartet with Fete

March 5th:  American Museum of Natural History, String Quartet

March 3rd:  Rainbow Room, Piano with Total Entertainment


February 19th:  Concert at Bailey Arboretum, String quartet & piano

2015 Season


December 10th: The Plaza Hotel.  String Quartet


December 3rd: The Metropolitan Club.  String quartet & Piano with Total Entertainment


November 19th, Private event Boston, String quartet, piano & percussion with Total Entertainment


November 4th:  The Metropolitan Club.  Solo Piano with Frost Productions.


October 24th:  Cipriani Wall Street.  String Quartet, Piano & Vocals with Element Music.


October 11th:  Temple Emanuel, Closter NJ.  Piano, Guitar, Violin & Cello with Element Music.


October 10th:  Canoe's Studios.  String Quartet, Soprano & Piano with Element Music


October 10th:  Fresh Meadows Country Club.  Violin, Piano & Guitar with Element Music


October 10th:  Maritime Parc. Violin, Piano & Guitar with Element Music


October 10th:  The Bowery Hotel.  Piano, Violin & Cello with Candela Productions


October 9th:  Gotham Hall.  String Quartet.


October 4th:  Private Estate.  Solo Violin with Element Music


October 3rd:  New York Racquet Club.  String Quartet with Element Music


October 3rd:  Private Horse Farm in Bedminster, NJ.  Piano & String Quartet with Element Music


October 3rd:  Chelsea Piers with Radio Underground & Element Music.  Piano, Guitar, Violin & Cello


October 3rd:  Prince George Ballroom.  String Quartet, Piano, Soprano & Tenor with Element Music


September 26th:  Fresh Meadows Country Club.  String Quartet, Piano, Guitar & Soprano with Element Music


September 26th:  Dream Downtown.  Guitar & Violin


September 26th:  The Hyatt in Greenwich, CT.  String Trio & Piano with Element Music


September 26th:  The Foundry in LIC.  String Quartet & Piano


September 25th:  Private event at Daniel Restaurant.  Electric Violin


September 25th:  Private event at the Cullman Hall of Science at the American Museum of Natural History


September 20th:  Conservatory Garden in Central Park.  String Duo with Whimsy Weddings


September 19th:  The American Museum of Natural History, String Quartet with Piano & Percussion, 4 piece choir with Fredi Ross & Total Entertainment.


September 16th:  The American Museum of Natural History, Power House event for the Museum.


September 13th:  The Pratt House, Harp with Fête


September 12th:  String Quartet, Private Residence Garden Party


September 11th:  Jazz Quartet, New York Public Library Private Event with Total Entertainment


August 29th:  String Trio, Piano & Guitar with Vocal:  Seawane Country Club with Element Music


August 22nd:  String Quartet & Piano - South Hampton private event with Total Entertainment


August 22nd:  String Trio, Piano & Guitar with 3 vocalists - Garden event with Element Music.


August 8th:  String Quartet, Piano, Guitar & Bass with 4 vocalists - The Pierre with Element Music


June 27th:  String Quartet - Assumption Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Morristown, NJ with My Bellissima


June 27th:  Piano, String Trio, Guitar, Percussion, Soprano & Tenor - Cipriani 42nd Street with Element Music


June 21st:  Piano & String Quartet - Chelsea Piers Lighthouse


June 20th:  Chamber ensemble with Soprano & Tenor.  Summer Concert, Greek Orthodox Church of South Hampton


June 20th:  Piano & Cello, Duck Walk Vineyard with Whimsy Weddings.


June 20th:  String Quartet, Jazz Trio, Hipster Trio with vocal, DJ - Wave Hill Gardens


June 6th:  String Quartet, Bedford New York


May 30th:  String quartet, piano, guitar, soprano & tenor.  St. Peter's Church with Element Music


May 29th:  Hipster Jazz Trio at the Nomad Hotel with Alex Maione events.


May 2nd:  String Quartet, Piano & Guitar at Old Oaks Country Club


May 2nd:  String Quartet.  Gaustavino's with Fête


April 28th:  American Museum of Natural History.  Jes Gordon ProperFUN.  6 piece Chamber ensemble, Solo Violin, Harp Duo & Jazz Trio for Bank Hapoalim Gala with guest speaker Rudy Guiliani.


April 10th:  The Greenpoint Loft:  Piano & Strings with Whimsy Weddings.


March 14th:  Studio Recording session:  Piano & Strings


March 7th:  Private Salon with quartet.


February 14th:  Valentines Dinner Party with jazz quartet.


January 21st:  The St. Regis.  Solo Piano for Paul Mitchell Marula Oil launch with Jes Gordon.


January 7th:  The Mandarin Oriental, NYC.  Corporate Party with Creative Edge.  Jazz Trio 




2013 Season


December 21st:  Gotham Hall.  Private event.


December 17th:  Private Corporate Event.


December 16th:  Chaser Manhattan Bank private event.


December 13th:  Corporate Event in Brooklyn. Piano, String Quartet & Percussion


November 19th:  Corporate Event in Chelsea.  Piano, String Quartet & Percussion


November 9th:  The Metropolitan club.  Piano & String Quartet


November 8th:  The New York Historical Society.  String Quartet


November 7th:  New York Public Library.  String Quartet


November 7th:  The Metropolitan Club.  Piano, String Quartet & Percussion.


October 27th:  The Central Park Boathouse.  String Quartet & Piano.  DJ Ted Ganung.


October 26th:  The Ritz Carlton NYC.  String Trio


October 26th:  Gotham Hall.  Piano & String Quartet with Fête.


October 15th:  The Liberty Warehouse.  Piano & String Quartet


October 12th:  Cipriani 42nd Street.  Piano & String Quartet & DJ Ted Ganung


October 5th:  Boscobel Gardens in the Hudson Valley.  Piano & String Quartet with Fête.


September 22nd:  The Green Building in Brooklyn.  Piano with violin & viola.  


September 21st:  Settepani in Harlem.  Musica Productions Classics.  Jazz Trio with vocalist.


September 21st:  Christ the King Church with event team of My Bellisima.  String Quartet.


September 10th:  Museum of Modern Art.  Client: Chase Manhattan Bank.  Jazz guitarist.


September 8th:  US Open, the Presidents Gate.  String quartet.


September 7th:  Central Park Zoo with Jung Lee & Fete.  An evening of Jazz with our newest group, Musica Productions Classics.  A beautiful fresh Studio Orchestra featuring the classic standards of the 40's, 50's, 60's featuring Jay Bianchi on piano, upright bass, drums, sax & guitar with 3 vocalists, string section &  DJ Ted Ganung.


September 7th:  Grace Church, String Quartet with Harp with Jung Lee & Fete.


September 6th:  Brooklyn Botanic Gardens:  String Quarttet


August 31st:  US Open, The Presidents Gate.  String Quartet


August 17th:  Gotham Hall, NYC.  String quartet & Piano with special guest Mezzo Soprano Cailtin McKechney.


August 10th:  Sophisticated Urban wedding at Angel Orensanz, NYC.  Piano & string quartet.


August 6th:  Recording session with artist Tina Harper.


July 24th:  Intimate dinner party of 10, 620 Fifth Avenue Loft & Garden, Jung Lee & Fête, Solo Soprano.


July 12th:  Garden Wedding, The Mansion at Tappen Hill.  String Quartet.


June 29th:  Gotham Hall, String quartet & Piano with special guests, singers Marissa McGowen & Josh Young. Jes Gordon Events.


June 22nd:  Carlyle Hotel performance with Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, String quartet & Piano


June 22nd:  Wedding in New Jersy, String quartet & Piano


June 20th:  Private Upper East Side Salon with Jazz Piano, String quartet & Vocal


June 18th:  Corporate Event at the Russian Tea Room, String Quartet


June 15th:  Private garden event in Bedford NY.  Piano & String Quartet


June 14th:  Garden wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, String Quartet


May 26th:  The Mansion at Natirir, garden wedding with Piano & String Quartet.  Jung Lee & Fête.


May 17th:  Kings Country Distillary.  Gala with DJ Ted Ganung and Martha Redbone.


May 15th:  The New York Public Library, Corporate Event with String Quartet


May 11th:  The New Leaf Cafe.  Wedding, Guitar & Cello.  Angie Nevarez & Baton NYC.


May 4th:  The Park Savoy. Wedding & Cocktail Hour with Piano & Violin.


April 25th:  St. Barthélemy Island, Eden Rock.  Ceremony & Dinner with Piano & String quartet, Jung Lee & Fête.


April 20th:  New York Public Library.  Ceremony with Piano, String Quartet & Opera Singer.  Jung Lee & Fête.


April 14th:  Recording Session with Artist Noreda Street


March 23rd:  The Glass Houses.  Same Sex wedding.  Ceremony & Cocktails.  Piano & String Quartet.  Angie Nevarez & Baton NYC.


2014 Season


December 15th:  The University Club.  Corporate Holiday Party.  Jazz Quartet


December 13th:  The Brooklyn Museum.  String Quartet, Piano & guest artist Alice Smith.  With Fête.


December 11th:  JP Morgan, Corporate Holiday Party -  Jazz Guitar


December 4th:  The Metropolitan Club, Corporate Holiday Party - Jazz Quartet with Jay Bianchi


December 4th:  The Metropolitan Club, Corporate Holiday Party - Solo Piano with Pilley Bianchi


November 15th:  The New York Palace.  String Quartet


Ocboer 26th:  The Gramercy Park Hotel, Jazz Trio with Jay Bianchi


October 25th:  The Academy Mansion, String Quartet with Angie Nevarez & Baton NYC.


October 25th:  The Glass Houses at the Chelsea Arts Tower, String Quartet


October 13th:  Book release for Food & Wine  Editor in Chief Dana Cowin.  Jazz Duo.


October 4th:  Private Residence in Newport, R.I.  Piano, String Quartet & Harp with Fête


September 27th:  Weylin B. Seymnour's.  Piano & String Quartet with Fête.


September 27th:  Center 548.  String Quartet with Angie Nevarez & Baton NYC


September 20th:  American Museum of Natural History, The Powerhouse.  Piano & String Quartet with Fête.


September 17th:  The Rainbow Room, Jay Bianchi wth 7 piece R&B band.


September 15th:  Gotham Hall, Electric String Trio


September 6th:  Blue Hill Stone Barns, Piano, string quartet & percussion


September 6th:  Mill Neck, NY - Garden wedding, String quartet, piano, flute, guitar, harp & vocal with Fête.


September 6th:  St. John Nepomucene, Manhattan, String Quartet with Fête.


August 16th:  Trumpets at the Gate.  String Quartet


August 16th:  Gramercy Park Hotel.  String Quartet with DJ Dina Regine


August 9th:  The Foundry.  Piano, violin & cello.


August 9th:  Temple Emanu-El.  String Quartet & Harp.  Fête.


August 2nd:  The Old Field Club, Setauket NY.  String Quartet with d'Luxe Events.


July 31st:  Central Park Zoo.  Jazz Trio with Jay Bianchi.  International Soceity for Behavioral Ecology


July 26th:  Chelsea Piers.  Piano & String Quartet with Jes Gordon


July 12th:  Cipriani 42nd Street.  String quartet.  Fête.


July 12th:  Weylin B. Seymour's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  String quartet & piano. Fête.


June 28th:  Greenwich, CT.  String quartet, piano, guitar & vocal. Fête.


June 26th:  Jazz Trio.  The Monarch Room.


June 21st:  Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  String quartet & piano.  Fête.


June 21st:  The Inaugural  Dr. Nikitas Kessaris Annual Summer Concert.  Greek Orthodox Church of the Hamptons.  String quartet, piano, soprano, percussion.


June 14th:  Private Garden Party in Mt. Kisco. String Quartet.


June 14th:  Weylin B. Seymour's in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn, String quartet, piano & soprano.  With Fête.


June 10th:  American Museum of Natural History - Spring Showcase "Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs"

                String Quartet & Trans/Goth Opera Singer, Duo-Harpists, Electronic Percussion, DJ Dina Regine                                   with solo Violinist.  With jesGordon - properFUN.


May 31st:  The Plaza Hotel, String Quartet, Piano & Percussion with jesGORDON - properFUN.


May 19th:  The 92nd Street Y, 2014 Gala with Counting Crows.  Piano & String Quartet with Fête.


April 26th:  The St. Regis Hotel.  String Quartet & Piano.


April 5th:  Gramercy Park Hotel.  String Quartet.  Angie Nevarez & Baton NYC.


March 29th:  Manhattan Loft & Penthouse.  Piano & String Quartet.  Viva Max Weddings.


March 12th:  The St. Regis Hotel.  Piano & String Quartet.  Private Corporate event.


March 8th:  Gotham Hall.  Piano & String Quartet with DJ Dina Regine


March 8th:  The New York Public Library.  Piano, String Quartet & Soprano with Fête.


January 18th:  The Plaza Hotel.  Persian wedding ceremony.  Piano, String Quartet, Percussion, Guitar & Accordion with Fête.


January 12th:  The Nomad Hotel.  World Music with Fête.


January 11th:  The University Club.  Ceremony ~  Piano & String Quartet with Baton NYC.


January 10th:  The Brooklyn Winery.  Jazz Trio.  Piano, Acoustic Bass & Percussion


January 4th:  Weylin B. Seymour's in Williamsburgh Brooklyn. Piano, String Quartet with Fête & DJ Dina Regine






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