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Bianchi Musica

p r o d u c t i o n s

sweetly whimsical​

Holy Spaces

We have been fortunate to perform in some of the oldest and most beautiful Sacred Spaces in the world.  From St. John the Devine,  St. Bartholomew's, St. Francis Xavier, Central Synagogue, Park Avenue Synagogue, Temple Israel, Brick Church, Church of Notre Dame, Old St. Patricks Cathedrale, St. Vincent Ferrer, etc.  

We are able to work closely with the music directors to give our clients the repertoire of their choice while remaining respectfully within the guidelines of the church & synagogue.  We have been granted permission to push the envelope of music presented in sacred spaces and are very grateful for those opportunites.  We can accompany with the existing cantors and choirs, as well as provide amazing soloist's. We also can provide gospel and classical choirs.

Urban & Glam

bringing artistry to events

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